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Debit Cards

Debit Cards

Reach for your Commerce Bank Visa® Debit Card for your everyday spending, from a cup of coffee to a trip to the grocery store. With the latest purchasing technology, you can make payments faster than ever – online and at the checkout counter.
Parking, coffee, fast food, movie tickets, drugstore items

Activate security features

Security features added to mobile

Count on built-in fraud protection with Visa Zero Liability1. Unlike cash, you're protected if your card is ever lost or stolen – and you're never responsible for any unauthorized purchases.

Enroll in text Alerts to track your spending and monitor for any suspicious account activity.

Lock a missing card in Online Banking to temporarily block new purchases and ATM withdrawals, without interrupting your recurring payments. Once you find your card, simply unlock it and begin using it again.

Tap & Go

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You can now tap to pay at checkout counters that support contactless technology. Follow the instructions below to use your Visa® Debit Card wherever you see the contactless Symbol2contactless lock symbol for fast, more secure3 transactions.
1. Look, 2. Tap, 3. Go
Existing customers will receive a contactless Visa® Debit Card after your current card expires.

View contactless cards frequently asked questions

Connect to a digital wallet

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Save time at checkout by adding your card to your preferred mobile wallet. We support the leading smart device platforms placing purchasing power in the palm of your hands.

Customize your card

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Choose a second card design to avoid confusion between debit cards for accounts with more than one cardholder.

Get your card instantly.4 Replace a lost or stolen card by visiting one of our participating branches.

When I call Customer Service for the first time, what is my access code?

For assistance in setting up your access code for the first time, call 1-800-453-2265 and select option 0 to speak to a customer service representative.

Are my access code and my PIN the same?

No. When calling customer service you will enter your access code. When making purchases or transacting at an ATM, you will use your PIN.

How do I activate my card?

How do I select or change my PIN (Personal Identification Number)?

To select or change your PIN, you can:
  • Select your PIN when you activate your card
  • Call 1-800-617-7480, select option 5
  • Visit a branch with instant issue capability or
  • Change your PIN at a Commerce ATM (you must know your current PIN to change it)

What is the difference between an ATM card and a Visa® Debit card?

ATM cards give you access to cash from an ATM or through PIN point of sale purchases. The Visa Debit card gives you a fast, easy and secure way to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

Is a Visa Debit card the same as a credit card?

No. Purchases made with your Visa Debit card debit directly from your checking account. A credit card accesses a line of credit.

Where can I use my debit card?

You can use Visa Debit anywhere Visa is accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

What is the difference between a PIN purchase and signature purchase?

Some participating merchants provide you the option of either selecting Debit and entering your PIN or selecting Credit and signing for your purchase. If you select Debit and enter your PIN, a participating merchant allows you to receive cash back over your purchase amount at the register whereas if you select Credit and sign for your purchase there is no cash back option. Use your card however you choose.

Can I link my savings account to my debit card?

Yes. You can link your savings account to your debit card for withdrawals and deposits at the ATM only. Purchases may only be debited from your primary checking account.

What should I do if my debit card is lost or stolen or if I notice fraudulent transactions?

Call Customer Service immediately at 1-800-617-7480, and select option 2. You must notify Commerce Bank within 60 days of receiving the first statement with unauthorized activity. Once your card has been reported lost or stolen, you will choose whether to have your replacement card instantly issued or mailed (7-10 business days.)

How do I dispute a transaction on my debit card?

Call Customer Service at 1-800-617-7480, and select option 7. You must notify Commerce Bank within 60 days of receiving the first statement with unauthorized activity.

My debit card is going to expire soon. What should I do?

You should receive a new card in the mail two weeks to a month before you current card expires. If you do not receive your new card a week before the expiration date, call customer service at 1-800-617-7480, and select option 7.

I received a new debit card, but my current card hasn’t expired, will it still work?

Yes. Your current card will continue to work until the expiration date passes. However, to avoid misplacing your new card or having unauthorized use of the old card, we advise you to destroy your old card and begin using the new card immediately.

I pay my bills automatically each month with my current debit card – if I get a new card will my payments continue to be processed?

  • If your card number does not change, your payments will continue to be processed.
  • If your card number changes, contact each company and provide them with your new card information.
  • For more information on automatic bill payments with your Commerce Bank Debit Card, visit

How can I pay bills with my Visa debit card?

Visit for instructions.

Are the fees associated with my Visa Debit Card?

Yes. See your fee schedule for details. You may request a copy of our current fee schedule at any Commerce branch or by contacting 1-800-453-2265.

What ATMs can I use with my debit card?

Commerce Bank ATMs and PLUS ATMs. PLUS is an ATM network that allows you to access cash from your Commerce Bank accounts worldwide. Just look for the PLUS logo on the ATM. There may be a fee at non-Commerce ATMs. See your Personal Checking fee schedule for details.

Can I keep track of my debit card transactions?

Yes. You can track your purchases and daily balance through Online Banking. Plus, your monthly checking account statement will detail all of your debit card transactions, including where and when each purchase was made.

How can I avoid problems if I plan to use my debit card while traveling domestically or internationally?

We recommend that you set a travel notice on the card(s) you plan to use while traveling.
  • Sign in to Online Banking and enter your trip details by clicking on “Account Management” under “Customer Service” and select “Notification of Travel Dates”
  • Or call Customer Service at 1-800-617-7480, and select option 7

Will I be charged fees for using my debit card internationally or when purchasing online from international merchants?

Yes. You will be charged a Service Assessment fee of 3% of any purchase, cash withdrawal and cash advance made outside the U.S. in U.S. Dollars (Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean). Transactions made over the internet in U.S. Dollars submitted by a merchant with a non U.S. address are subject to the service assessment fee. You will be charged an International Service fee of 3% of any purchase, cash withdrawal and cash advance made outside the U.S. and is not in U.S. Dollars. (Euros, Pesos, etc.)

What is the process for a typical debit card transaction?

  • You present your debit card to make a purchase.
  • The merchant takes your card to process an authorization or, if a PIN pad is available, requests that you swipe your card.
  • The transaction information is sent to the processing network and Commerce Bank. November 2014
  • The purchase amount is deducted directly from your checking account. NOTE: It can take 1-2 days for certain transactions to post to your account.

Why does Commerce Bank place a “hold” on certain types of transactions?

Account deductions can’t be cleared until the final amount is known. Therefore, a “hold” may be placed on funds to cover the estimated cost of certain transactions, such as at gas stations. This ensures that you don’t spend more money than you have and merchants are paid for each transaction. While most holds are usually less than 24 hours, Commerce Bank will remove all holds within 72 hours.

What happens when I return a purchase?

  • The merchant authorizes the refund and sends the transaction information to its financial institution, either electronically or by phone.
  • The merchant’s financial institution processes the refund transaction and credits your checking account. NOTE: Even if a return is made on the same day as the purchase, the credit may not be applied in real time and your daily spending limit may still be affected by that purchase.


  1. Customer must notify Commerce Bank within 60 days of receiving the first statement with unauthorized activity. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please consult Commerce Bank.

  2. The Contactless Symbol and Contactless Indicator are trademarks owned and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.

  3. Contactless Visa cards use the same dynamic security as chip cards. Each transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that protects your payment information.

  4. Some restrictions may apply.

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